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Our Day On The Lake... No Fish.

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And still a sorry camera! I wish you all could have seen the sun set.. It was beautiful!

Me looking silly!

And again..

And Ricky...
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At least you got to go fishing. I know you have been wanting too for a long time.
Did you try to adjust your camera as I mentioned in your earlier post?
Not yet. I'm aggravated about that camera. I'll try it tomorrow. I'm going night, night! Thank you for your help.
Mary get the sun behind the camera operator, cuts the glare out of the shots
Mary looking silly ? Never !!
Glad you got to go, sorry you didn't get bit. Better luck next time, Mary.
The afternoon bite really sucks. We ran into a few folks and they hadn't had anything bite.
Tomorrow is the last day to practice until the official practice.
I think my fish are holding off for the tournament. :thumbup01:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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