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Ordered hydraulic jack plate!

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Hey guys i ordered a 10 inch hydraulic jack plate last week, Kylie said i gotta lock the :baitmonkey: up for awhile but im sure i'll find a decent excuse to let him out once and awhile! Sorry i havent been very active on the board, just got alot of things goin on right now thats tryin to bring me down, but i've made it this far so i dont plan on giving up now. The Russ Bringger tourney was a joke didnt have any legal fish along with over half the boats but can you believe 40 yes forty pounds won it? Shocked the crap outta everyone the guys big fish was almost 9 so he had a 8 lb average, he had a good day!!! Other than that got my first taste of fishing really clear water didnt do too bad got three the biggest was almost 3. I dont know if i'll be able to post much this week but im gonna try, me and Kylie are going to have to go to Washington DC soon to appeal the findings the medical board came up with, it was a kick in the teeth if you ask me. The people that sent me to 2 different wars are basically telling me to go fly a kite, but im gonna fight them with everything i have so hopefully something good, if not for me then the next poor guy, will come of this. Talk to you guys soon. Dave
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well I hope the best for you.. Thanks for your service
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