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Old Hickory 10/25-28

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Went up to Old Hickory for the BFL Chevy Wildcard. Beautiful place with fall colors that made me miss the PA mountains, but the fishing was absolutely terrible. They have had several cold fronts in the last 7-10 days that dropped the water temps by 12-14 degrees in that short period of time sending the fish into shock. I caught a bunch of short fish on everything from worms, senko's, tubes, jigs, rattletraps, and spinnerbaits. We tried finesse fishing and carolina rigging real slow but that didn't help either. The fish we did catch were so cold that they were bone white. I didn't get a single keeper in four days and neither did about half the field in the tournament including boaters & co-anlgers! There was 264 boats in the tournament, but before Thursdays registration there was supposed to be 330 boats, but quite a few people got frustrated and went home. Hind sight 20/20 I should have stayed in Florida for the Toho Pro-Am event!! The standings are posted on the FLW website with all the low weights and lots of zeroes.
It was still better than work and worth using my vacation time up before years end. I would love to go back up there when they are actually biting.
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Sorry to hear the fishing wasnt up to ' par ' BUT on the bright side you got to fish a lake you'd probably never would of fished.
This is true, however I would probably have made it up there eventually by invite from Mac (Flipinpitchin) in fact he invited me back to go to Dale Hollow for smallies. I will definitely go back for that someday depending on the money situation. I hooked up with Mac on Wednesday to fish Old Hickory, we had a good time with the short fish and a couple catfish on rattletraps, he had a cat that was probably about 20 lbs. I got pictures, but I still have a few to take before I get them developed.
Shannon, Man I'm sorry to hear about your trip. I always feel like I learn more from a bad trip than a good one, you know what I mean? You'll be on your game the next time you go. The only lake I really kicked butt at the first trip was Dardenelle AK. I just hit it perfect everywhere I went I was on them and what was cool was that the BASSMASTERS fished the lake a couple of weeks later and I watch the big boys catch them on the exact same spots. Stay up you get to where you want to be. laterdude. Drew
Thanks Drew. Sometimes its your day and sometimes its not!
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