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Okeechobee Bass Boat Rental

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I have a couple bass boats for sale and live near Okeechobee. If you would like to rent a bass boat to try it out before buying, I can show you how to load and unload it, and use the electronics and equipment.

If you’re coming to the area and want to bass fish, but don’t want the hassle and cost of buying a boat, this rental would be perfect for you. Available for the day or week.

2015 Ranger Z520c. This boat has the Ultrex trolling motor with ipilot wireless remote control and spot lock. 360 imaging. Garmin livescope. Power poles. Loaded!


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Lake Okeechobee is full of fishing guides that come with their bass boat parts, gear, and tackle. But luckily for anglers who are ready to venture in a different way, the giant lake also has the option for anglers. They can rent a boat large enough to fit a group.
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