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Okeechobee 9/15, 16, & 17

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Our club was down to the big "O" a couple weeks ago. We caught a bunch of small fish with an occasional 2-4 pounder. Most everybody fished the west side of the lake. I caught all my fish in three days on Horny Toads - grey ghost and my new favortie color Okeechobee Craw. I also had a big fish miss my toad on Saturday that would have been around 8 pounds by the looks of her when she came flying out of the water. One of our guys is now holding big fish of the year from that weekend, it weighed 7.65 lbs. First place guy had a two day total of 21 lbs. + and I finished 8th with a limit each day for total weight of 13 lbs.+. I can't remeber all the details but the bite was quite tough on Sunday and most all the fish came on toads, flukes, and speed worms in a wide range of colors. We had 14 boats and 21 guys. We are going to Lake Poinsett on the St. Johns River on October 14th for our last regular season club event and then back to Okeechobee for States the following week. I'll try to post while it is fresh in my memory next time.
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Gonna have to try out your new fav color on the HT
Heya Shannon! :) Welcome back! Glad to see you! :clap:
Thanks Jared, I will try to get on more often in the next few weeks.
Shannon said:
Thanks Jared, I will try to get on more often in the next few weeks.
Thatd be awesome! :)
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