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Okeechobee 10/19-22nd

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Went to the big "O" to pre-fish Thursday and Friday for states on Saturday & Sunday. Thursday we went down the East side checking for new water, we found some hydrilla behind the kissimmee grass lines, we tried everything and only caught a couple short fish and one walking catfish. The toad bite was gone, in fact they weren't biting at all. Not until around 4-5:00 I hammered a three pounder in 6" of water flippin a brush hog (okeechobee craw color) into pencil reeds with floating hyacinth mixed in. Then they startedf to turn on a little bit and we caught a few shorts on toads and worms. Friday wasn't any better, we went to check some of our spots we found a few weeks ago when we were there to see what the water looked like. The water level had dropped about 13-14 inches making some places almost inaccessible. We only caught a couple shorts Friday as well and I had one good bite on a flappin shad (bleeding watermelon-red) but it came off. Saturday and Sunday wasn't much better, the fish just seemed to be in a funk with the wter level dropping and the temp ups and downs. I caught three fish on Saturday in the J & S canal in the NE corner for 3.86 lbs. using a 6" junebug blue tail worm. Sunday I only caught two fish for 2.48 lbs., one flippin the brush hog again and one on the fluke (watermelon red flake). I finished 118th, not where you want to be. I think everyone had some troubles, the guy leading on Saturday with 18 or 19 lbs. only had 5 or 6 lbs. on Sunday.
Still better than work!!
Leaving today for Old Hickory Chevy Wildcard.
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Good luck on the Wild Card, Shannon.
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