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Off to see the Mouse

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For about the last 11 years we go to Disney during December for the Christmas scenery. So,today is the day we will be going !!! Waiting on my aunt to get here now so we can leave for our 45 minute drive.
( my aunt retired from there so she gets us in free during December with the free tickets she gets from Disney)
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I hope you have a great day! I always wanted to take my kids there.
I took my son Sirandon into MGM Saturday for the parade, a few rides/shows and then to see the Christmas light show at 6:00 p.m. The light show there has around 30 million lights, 15 miles of extension chords, and 10 miles of light strings all timed to Christmas music. We will be going again over the next few weeks to see the other parks.
We had a good time there and then beat feet back out to the beach to watch the shuttle go up, we barely made it but that was pretty amazing seeing the last shuttle night launch.
Have fun Rodney!
Shannon, we went a few years ago to MGM for the lights. Is it still in 3-D? They gave us those 3-D glasses to see all the effects.

We left the Magic Kingdom after the 3pm parade. ( Park closed at 6pm unless you buy a special ticket )

Mary, I do not know how old your son is, but seeing you dont live around here, I personaly wouldnt take a child to Disney under 10 .
My reasons are simple to me.
1. If to young they wont remember the place.
2. some rides have height restrictions.
3. I see alot of younger kids bawl on rides.

Number 2 and 3 applied to my daughter growing up. BUT seeing we went to Disney 3 or 4 times a year Number 3 soon dissapeared. Never had to worry about number 1  lol.

No it wasn't 3-D, it had changed slightly from last year and the fake snow looked a little more real this year.
Thanks for the info Shannon.
By the way Rodney if you can go during the week it won't be as crowded.
We always try to go during the week for that same reason.

I recall at MGM for the lights a few years ago drinking there ' apple cider'

We have season passes to pleasure island and I like to go during the week, but the wife says its to dead and likes the weekends.
I never get to use wife and pleasure island in the same sentence. ;D
Your a lucky chap Rodney mate ;)
Pleased y'all enjoy the place ;D
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