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November 11th Fishin

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Well I had some time in the morning to get out before work and Sleded was happy to get out as well, so we hit up a few spots in search of different things. First we went and caught minnows and were surprised to see a nice steelhead roaming the area, smashing schools of shiners like crazy. While I caught minnows and re-spooled my rod, Sleded casted a spoon around with no success. Anyways we got our minnows and were off to try for some bluegills, crappie and pike on some Long Point canals.

The crappies and pike weren't biting, but the bluegills were happy to bite. I was surprised to see some really decent fish (as far as bluegill go). They were all released to bite again (through the ice) :D

The next spot was a tributary in search of bows and browns. Bows and browns were not around but Sleded was pleasantly surprised when he hit a decent chinook on a spoon of all things! Great fish Eric, surprised to see they are still around and hitting lures too :eek:

Release shot

The eyes of the beast

Well after that I had a decaying salmon take my roe bag in a pool but the sickly thing got off. Didn't really mind as it was really on it's last legs. I cant believe it had the energy to open it's mouth and put the roe bag inside, lol

Well that was that. A great day of fishing! Now for that evil 4 letter word :-\
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WTG Rich & Eric :clap:
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