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Not a Lure But A Jig

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Got a dozen of microtek60's in the mail today. Great!!!! Hand tied like flys and wow like the way they feel. Cant wait to get them wet!!!! High class definatly a winner.
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thanks ho_shi let me know when you use them.
rogo gotta let it warm up a little bit
now is the time to use them. How cold is it?
suppose to be 20's tonite but had bad water leak and was soaking wet and cold when i got home so staying in tonite
:violin: There you go again...
omg dont even get me started on arkansas!!!!
ok Karl and Microtek60 questions for the experts!!!!

when we used to jig for walleye in Wyoming we did it from a BOAT in the MIDDLE of the lake in summer and thru a HOLE in ICE in winter.

My questions are

1. Can you bank fish them or would you have to be more on a dock or other protrudement.
2. What is best technique?? Would you throw it out and reel in, let sit and "jig" it?? (we used to just pull up 2-3 inches and let drop again in
same spot)
3. What would be a good spot to "jig"
4. Am I going about this all wrong???
Fish it the way you want. I personally like to lift my rod tip from about 8 o'clock to about 10 o'clock and the drop the rod back down as I reel up the slack. Pause at the 10 o'clock position for a second or two and even shake it if you like. You can also swim the right jig or just drag it. You want to make it look like a small fish or crawdad feeding along the bottom. Depending on what type of structure or cover your fishing will make a difference in the type of kig head you are using. Football heads are good in riprap, arkie heads in wood and bullet heads for coming thru grass just to name a few. Hope this helps
that from the bank or the boat????
There's a good way to fish spinnerbaits from shore. I rig this up for our boatless campers. Using 17# mono and a 7' MH rod tie on a big enough topwater lure to suspend the weight of a spinnerbait. You might have to go down to a 1/4 oz spinnerbait. You can use any flotation device. Tie on a fluorocarbon leader however long the spinnerbait will remain out of trouble on bottom. Maximum length is about 3' so it can be cast. Lob the rig as far out as possible close to any stickup tree or other known cover. Let the spinnerbait flutter down until the topwater bobs down, then swim it forward. Pause, swim, pause, swim.

Attach the leader to whichever treble that works best. Tying to the tail hook kills some topwater action, but allows the topwater to climb when pulled, getting back to the surface. Sometimes the middle of 3 hooks works best.

You might want to read "Horizontal Jigging" and "How bass bite jigs" posted here under Tips & Tactics. Fishing jigs up hill is a very difficult presentation to master and I don't recommend it. What I do recommend for up hill presentation is "Slit Shot" also posted under Tip & Tactics. Use a Hula grub with 3/0 wide gap hook. You can fish this rig from shore very effectively. It's not a jig, it's a jig trailer.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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