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North end of Lake Okeechobee

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The north side of the lake is starting to produce pretty well. The multiple grass flats are hot right now. Also the spawning flats south of Buckhead Ridge are starting to produce some big females. Points to hit would definitely be Indian prairie canal, tin cove, and the monkey box down by Lakeport, just to name a few. Black\blue jigs are the best in my opinion with a 3\4 oz white double willow leaf spinnerbait running a close second. The topwater bite is starting to pick up, a watermelon red Zoom horney toad is awesome in the flats, But a Spook is better in open water. If the frog doesn't work in the grass try a lipless crank like a Cordell Spot and rip it thru the grass for reaction bites. If all else fails throw a red shad ribontail worm and keep it in the middle of the water column. Dave
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