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No Musky Make Rich Go Crazy (Report, Pics)

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Well our plans of hitting the kawarthas this weekend were thrashed by Friday 13th in Port Dover (Sleded couldnt get into town) and also heavy winds forecasted and a lack of a decent motor.

So I decided to do that trout thing Mr. Brown is always raving about. Sleded and I tried some local creeks today and put a whole day in chasing salmonoids and troutonoids (lol)

The first trib we went to sucked, but we did meet up with Red Devil and had a few good laughs. Sleded hooked into something small on a spoon but we never saw what it was (goby IMO)

We then had a break and went back to the Filth Palace for some chicken weiners.


The next trib I told Sleded I had success in the past on spinners. So he put one on, cast at the dam and BAM right away had about a 5lb chinook on. But the net was in the truck.. in the time it took me to run for the net he lost it unfortunately when it broke him off in a logjam. But it was some action so that was good.

I tried my new 9' noodle rod out for a bit drifting roe but nothing doin' on that so back to the 7 footer with an orange Mepps.

I was rewarded with the first trout of the day. Unfortunately it was a tiny resident brown (which I have never caught in this creek). A couple of pics..


And although we didnt get out musky fishing, musky were still on my mind. I had to include a release shot in the report. ;D


What a BEAST!

After that we headed to the mouth of another Lake Erie trib (did the rounds today) and immediately saw a HUGE coho jump, trying to fling a lamprey off of it. It was successful, we saw the lamprey go flying. I got the noodle rod buried in the sand and Sleded casted out a spoon for the evening. We didn't catch anything but it was a great spot to fish and enjoy the scenery.


Now.. what the heck is up with me catching random objects on every trip out? Last trip it was the Nascar hat. Today I found this SWEET pair of sunglasses!


It was a fun day out, the fishing sucked and I still havent caught a decent rainbow this year but plenty more trib fishing to come. Thanks for coming out Sleded!
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Those sunglasses made the trip worthwhile lol rofl
Fish4FunInFl said:
Those sunglasses made the trip worthwhile lol rofl

Really, I didn't know if I should shew you away or hit you with a fly-swatter. LOL
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