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Next Elite stop - Lake Guntersville, Alabama

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On April 20th through the 23rd, the BASS Elite Tournament Series will hit Lake Guntersville.

Guntersville is a weed-filled reservior on the Tennessee River chain and it consistently produces bass in the 4-8 lbs. range, and can also produce bass that top 10 lbs.

My opinion is that they will be hitting it right after the main spawning session is over, and that post-spawning bass will dominate the tournament scales. There will still be a few bass that are taken while on their beds, but I believe that they will be a shadow to the main catches.

Depending on the weather between now and then, I would guess to venture that stringers of 25-28 lbs. will dominate the first day weigh-in, and they will hold steady around 18-20 lbs. for the rest of the tournament.

I live 1 hour from Guntersville, and I am going to try to check out both the BASS Elite final day weigh-in, and the final weigh-in for the WBT tournament. I will try to get pics if I do get to go.
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YeeHaw! Go Denny!
Denny will always be my favorite pro.
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