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On April 20th through the 23rd, the BASS Elite Tournament Series will hit Lake Guntersville.

Guntersville is a weed-filled reservior on the Tennessee River chain and it consistently produces bass in the 4-8 lbs. range, and can also produce bass that top 10 lbs.

My opinion is that they will be hitting it right after the main spawning session is over, and that post-spawning bass will dominate the tournament scales. There will still be a few bass that are taken while on their beds, but I believe that they will be a shadow to the main catches.

Depending on the weather between now and then, I would guess to venture that stringers of 25-28 lbs. will dominate the first day weigh-in, and they will hold steady around 18-20 lbs. for the rest of the tournament.

I live 1 hour from Guntersville, and I am going to try to check out both the BASS Elite final day weigh-in, and the final weigh-in for the WBT tournament. I will try to get pics if I do get to go.

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lol i know :) Yea, they did okay, they had some tough conditions and cold front conditions, but they nailed a giant and a few other pigs. I think they had 3 over 5 pounds if i remember. All of their big ones came on the sizmic toad :)

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I don't doubt ya, bud. I can guarantee that 90% of the field of the Elite Tourney will be fishing weeds. There are that many weeds in G-ville. LOL If you stay around G-ville too long, you will have weeds growing from your nose and ears! ;D

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Re: Day #1 Weigh-In.

1. Denny Brauer
1. Alton Jones
3. Terry Butcher
3. Kelly Jordan
5. Takahiro Omori
5. Tim Horton
7. Todd Faircloth
8. Mark Tucker
9. Chris Lane
10. Terry Scroggins

Rick Clunn is in 11th, Jason Quinn is 20th, Kevin VanDam is 21st, Michael Iaconelli is 22nd, Greg Hackney is 24th and is tied with Gerald Swindle, Aaron Martens is in 43rd, Randy Howell is in 49th, Preston Clark is in 55th, and Ish Monroe is in 58th.

You can check out the full field of standings for Day #1 at:

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Re: Day #2 weigh-in.

1. Alton Jones
2. Todd Faircloth
3. Michael Iaconelli
4. Kevin VanDam
5. Tim Horton
6. Dean Rojas
7. Terry Butcher
8. Denny Brauer
9. Takahiro Omori
10. Stephen Kennedy

Rick Clunn is in 12th, Gerald Swindle is in 13th, Jason Quinn is in 16th, Kelly Jordan is in 18th, Aaron Martens is in 20th, Greg Hackney is in 24th, Skeet Reese is in 31st, Ish Monroe is in 47th, Randy Howell is tied for 48th.

So, all 3 DQ'ed anglers from Santee have made the cut to the top 50 anglers.

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Re: Day #3 Weigh-In.

1. Michael Iaconelli
2. Alton Jones
3. Takahiro Omori
4. Kevin VanDam
5. Stephen Kennedy
6. Jeff Reynolds
7. Dean Rojas
8. Yusuke Miyazaki
8. Gerald Swindle
10. Edwin Evers
11. Tim Horton
12. Mark Tucker

Kelly Jordan is in 13th, Denny Brauer is in 16th, Aaron Martens is in 17th, Ish Monroe is in 33rd, Skeet Reese is in 34th, Randy Howell is in 38th, Greg Hackney is in 43rd, Rick Clunn is in 44th, and Bradley Stringer (for Mike) is in 48th.

The reason that I hope that these are 100% correct is that this weekend, the weigh-in boards on have froze time and time again. Right now, as I type this, it still does not have a weight for Jason Quinn, and it's almost 30 mins after the weigh-in was due to end. It's been stuck on the same angler for about 15 mins now.

So, 3 of the anglers DQ'ed this season are in the top 5 for this tournament, with KVD and Alton Jones being DQ'ed for Santee. Seems like this DQ has not hurt their resolve or their mental toughness for this tournament.
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