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Re: Next Elite Stop: Lake Champlain, NY. Day#3

Well, the field is cut to the final 12 for Day #4.  Ike didn't make the cut, which is odd, since he's been tearing up the field in that last several tournaments.  He was sitting in 66th, and missed the cut for Day #3.  However, another familiar face did make the cut. 

As soon as the results become official, I will add the URL to the standings for the top 50.

1. Chris Lane
2. Denny Brauer
3. Brent Chapman
4. Paul Elias
5. Terry Butcher
6. Tommy Biffle
7. Mike Wurm
8. Mark Tyler
9. Todd Faircloth
10. Paul Hirosky
11. Kevin VanDam
12. Zell Rowland

For the results from Day #3, click:

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Re: Next Elite Stop: Lake Champlain, NY. Final Day.

Well, both of my idols in bass fishing made the cut for the final day, and one of them won the Champlain Elite Series.

Congrats to Denny Brauer for winning this tournament.

Here are you standings for the final day:

1. Denny Brauer
2. Brent Chapman
3. Terry Butcher
4. Mark Tyler
5. Tommy Biffle
6. Chris Lane
7. Mike Wurm
8. Todd Faircloth
9. Kevin VanDam
10. Paul Elias
11. Zell Rowland
12. Paul Hirosky

For the rest of the information for the final day, click:
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