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Whats up peoples?? My name is Dave Durrance and I'm from South Fl.I'm 24 years old and served in the United States Marine Corp for the past 3 and a half years.I served as machinegunner with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. I was almost done with my 4 years and then I got critically injured January of this year,spent my birthday in a comma. I'm still recovering thanks to God, my family, and my beautiful wife Kylie. But it works out good for me ,see i go to therapy 5 days a week so i make my therapy late in the day so my Dad and I can fish at least 3 days a week!!!! My dream has been since I was 5 yrs old to fish Pro and now that I'm getting medically retired from the Corp I can get some practice in. Kylie and I just bought a 2006 Skeeter that we both love, she loves bass fishing almost as much as me! Well I'm not gonna bore you guys any more so take care! Dave
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:notworthy: Dear Sir: thank you for your sacrifice. May God be with you as you recover, and welcome to the bassholes. :usa: :usa: :usa:
Welcome aboard and God Speed on the recovery process :usa:
Welcome to the board leatherhead. Thank you for your service and sacrifice! I'm an 0311 from the storm. I-co 3/9 semper fi and get well soon brother. I look forward to rappin with you.
Welcome to the site! I'm honored to have you here as a member of The Bassholes Dave! :clap: :usa: If you need anything at all, just ask and I will do whatever I can to help :)
Welcome aboard Dave and thank you so much for your service and dedication to this great country! May God be with you, your family, and all those who have not made it home yet.
Welcome Dave. Glad you are home. Godspeed on your recovery!!
hi steel basser said:
:notworthy: Dear Sir: thank you for your sacrifice. May God be with you as you recover, and welcome to the bassholes. :usa: :usa: :usa:
Couldn't put it any better!! :angelwings: :clap:
Welcome and a HUGE THANK YOU!!! So glad to hear you are doing better. Thanks for your service and helping to keep America free! May the good Lord bless and heal you and hold you and the family in his mighty hand!
Just wanted to say thanks everybody all of you guys is what makes bass fishing one of the greatest sports! Looking forward to getting to know you guys alot better. :cheers: Dave ps TO imonembad OORAH!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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