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Newbe from Lake Norfork Arkansas

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Hi to all, Im just another bass fishing nut living my dream of living on a great bass lake and fishing almost everyday.
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Welcome aboard
Glad to have ya on the team! :cheers: Take care- Dave
Welcome to The Bassholes Jerkbait! We're neighbors.
A pleasure to have you here Jerkbait! Welcome aboard and make yourself at home. :clap:

Re: Newbie from Lake Norfork Arkansas

Well how about that. I have already found out who the real Jerk is around here. >:D ;)
Welcome jerkbait, I'm here at the lake of the ozarks freezing my butt off with you.
Welcome to the boards jerkbait.
Kick back and enjoy Jerkbait. This is a great place to be! 8)

Welcome to the Bassholes.. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome aboard, Jerkbait. Are you a pointer or a rappy? :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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