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new spinner blades

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Has anyone heard of the new spinnerblades that are out? They are called Royal blades and they say that they give off more vibration and spins at a slower speed than a colorado. I got hold of a few of them to give them a try. I will try and post pics of them later.
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Isn't that blade a mixture of a willow and colorado blade? I thought I saw it on the Bass Pro Shop show.
yeah I think thats what they were trying. I have made up about 7 baits with them on it. Cant wait to try them.
Good luck and let us know how you do.
sorry it took so long to post these but here they are the royal blades


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I might be short but I am not that small. Thats a dish rag on the kitchen table.
hmm those blades are interesting looking. Am I seeing correctly? They look quite angular rather than having rounded edges like typical blades?
BassDozer has been selling them on Ebay for some time. I'm going to be ordering some blades to play around with also.
Yeah he is the only one that I have seen using them. The only problem is they are very expensive even when bought in bulk. I cant wait to use them though and see for myself how they perform.
I like the different colors they come in :D Where did you get your blades from, I might be able to give you a cheaper place.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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