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New Rod Technology: Blending Titanium with Graphite and Carbon

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Check out these new rods by American Rodsmith.

I cant imagine that blend of materials to make up the blanks but it sounds very interesting, not to mention very durable and ultra sensitive!

Daiwa is also getting into using titanium in their blanks. Check out their new Cielo rod:
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They are mighty proud of these rods. ( the price tag they come with )

BUT if they prove to be durable, I am sure alot of folks will make the switch ( Im guessing that almost every company will come out with their own version )
no doubt! they are VERY VERY proud! lol

Im going to need to hear some feedback from the pro trails before Id ever consider to buy a new item on the market that carries that price tag. I mean G Loomis can cost just as much but they have been around much longer, have a huge following and tons of testimonials which can justify the price. Not to say that the Steez arent worth their price, just that without some proof whos to know. :dunno:

Now if Denny Brauer were to tell me it was worth it, thatd be all I need, because I know he would never stand behind anything he didnt believe in. :clap:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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