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New Rod and Reel!

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Man I got into Dick's to just get a rod and I walk out with a rod, a reel, 2 lipless crankbaits, and some chunk trailers. :eek:opsangel: :goldcup: :dance01:

I was looking at this one 6'6" medium heavy action rod and the associate said let me see that and then said let me show you this other one. The rod he showed me was part of a combo that somehow someone stole the reel off of and the were selling the rod now. The rod is a Quantum Shaw Grigsby Signature Series rod 6'6" medium heavy IM8. $24.99 :eek: The reel I bought was a Quantum IN500CX Inferno baitcast. $49.98 might be a bit much, but seems nicer than my Shimano Callisto

Cool stuff! I'm set now for the trip! Well until I get there and find a tackle shop ;D

David :thumbup01:
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cool deal
don't forget wal-mart can sell u a license. thats where i got mine
have a safe trip
Kewl deal !
Just got back from the spring classic at bass pro shop with my new rod. 7'6 mh flippiling stick with a bps extreme 7.1.1 reel,I have been waiting to get this for a while.Whole thing for 119.99
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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