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new pro tour

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I saw they are having a new pro tour in the south. Pro side $500 and am side $110. Seems like from the article they are trying to compete with bigger tours by getting more anglers with lower entry fees. Don't know much about the aba so was wondering if anybody has fished past tournaments or any knowledge on how well they run things?
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They have a lot of ABA tournaments down here in SC. From what I know they run them very well.
When I was in Pittsburgh, for the 2005 Bassmasters Classic,I ran into Morris Sheehan, the president of ABA. We hung out, had a few beers and BS'd a while. He is a very nice guy and had some very wonderful things to say about ABA and their commitment to the weekend angler.

Anyone interested in learning more can either call 1-888-203-6222 and/or visit their website:
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