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New Moon This Weekend!

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YES! A week off and its a new moon! I cant wait to get out of here and get on the water! I dont plan my fishing around moon phases (because I fish so often) but when my fishing falls on a good phase I get so excited!

What does everyone else think about moon phases and their influence on the fishing?
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Anything that makes the ocean rise and fall 11 feet has to have an effect on the wildlife.I love to fish three days prior to a full moon.
Exactly what I believe too!

I like 3 before the New and the Full. The New Moon is my favorite. I have caught most of my biggest fish around the New Moon.

Doug Hannon says that 3 before and 3 after the New and the Full are equally good.
New Moon is also called Dark Moon. Its when you see no moon at all in the sky because the earth is completely between it and the sun so it's all shaded and dark. In other words its when 100% of the dark side of the moon is facing us.
Thanks for the explanation. What is the date of the next new moon? I'm wondering when the three day window is gonna hit.
The next New Moon is the 22nd of October. So today, the 19th, through the 25th are the best times of the month to fish and I am off till the 23rd! Yeee Hawww!! lol!

The next Full Moon is November 5th.
I have a tournament this Saturday, so perhaps it will help.

( although im not looking forward to it... still bummed about my boat )
Typically, I fish whenever I get a chance and I don't have the freedom to pick and choose the best times to go. However, I have noticed when I have caught or missed a big fish - then I will go find a lunar chart when I get home - that on those days they were on a peak time for catching fish
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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