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Just thought I would take a few minutes to introduce myself as a new member to this board from the Bass Insider known as TY.
Since I'm a rookie on this board thought it maybe of interest to post a brief bio:
Native Californian born and raised a short cast from some of the best big bass fishing lakes anywhere. Worked summers as a youth at boat marina's and learned how to bass fish from local experts of the time. My career as a aerospace engineer has allowed me to travel and fish nearly every state, Canada, Mexico etc I'm not a tournament bass fisherman today, however had tournament experiences with Ray Scott's All American and Pisces bass club. BASS life member since 1967 and have  published In-Fisherman articles on giant bass fishing techniques. Oldschool describes me as well as anything. My personal pursuit of world record giant bass over the past 35 years, with artificial lures, has given me the opportunity to learn a few things about the habits, location, presentation techniques needed to catch these very special bass. My desire on this board is to share whatever knowledge may be of interest in regards to bass fishing.
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welcome looking forward to chatting with you. Drew
Welcome to the site! its great to have you as a Basshole! :)
Tom? Is it really you?

Jim (Arkieforester)
Glad to see you Ty!!!! I can see Jim is too. I hope you spend some time checking out the boards but there is some really great stuff happening here.
Glad you came!!!!!!
Welcome aboard
Hey, Ty, I'm clunnjr over there. (I was drunk when I picked that name :eek:). Now you can teach me more wherever I go. Welcome aboard. :cheers:
We just got a deep notch in the stick with TY. Loaded with knowledge! You'll enjoy him. Welcome home, Tom.

Welcome !! hope we can swap some fishin stories
Good to see you here TY!! Dave
Ouachita said:
Tom? Is it really you?

Jim (Arkieforester)
Jim, Yes and need some help with this board to find where you are posting.
OK, come on behind me and do your great usual follow-up casting. A few posts above you'll find one of my posts. Click on Ouachita to get to my profile. Click on Show the last posts of this person. Not many there like you're used to seeing, this board being very new. Hopefully we'll build up and have some folks wanting to learn bassin that will get involved at least by asking the questions they haven't taken time to ask or haven't found suitable responses elsewhere. Mostly the members posting are seasoned bassers. When I get time I'll begin posting articles, probably after I retire in March. You are welcome and strongly encouraged to contribute articles through Jared.

Thanks for joining, Tom.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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