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new line up for bass saturday

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I read on Bass Fan that Mark Zona as a new show on ESPN this year that has to do with every thing bass. Should be informative and not as hokey as rods and wheels.
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THANK YOU! Rods and wheels I wont miss you at ALL!!!
I couldnt stand Rods and Wheels either. The show I miss is Schooled by Denny. I enjoyed that show a good bit.
Good cause I was starting to lose faith in ESPN The whole rods and wheels thing was awful! Dave
Never heard of rods and wheels. Didn't look like I missed anything either. I will be looking foward to the new show however.
Good with me too, that Rods & Wheels was just basically two nobody's who go out and hire guides to go fishing, nothing there to learn from.
I miss Denny's show as well, at least you could learn things to make you a better fisherman.
I enjoy watching Zona, he comes off with some funny stuff as well as giving up some good tips and tactics.
One of my favorite shows is the Ultimate Match Fishing, it is really cool when they back boat each other, about time they get a taste of their own medicine (that at least some of them probably deserve), and it is interesting to see what they do under pressure of the time constraints.
I spoke to a gentleman yesterday while I was renewing my subscription to BASS and he said that Bass Center will not be back, the Fishin' Hole is back, Charlie Moore is back and as mentioned earlier, Zona has his new show.  He also told me that there would be some other changes and additions but that they would come later.  He did say that bass fishing coverage will be scaled back and some additional salt water fishing would be added.  ESPN was not happy at all with the ratings of their "Bass Saturday".  If you live in the central time zone, they started at 6am.  When did they air on the west coast, 4am?  If that is the case, it is hard to get good ratings! I wish some other network would pick up the slack.  Fox sports could expand and so could the Outdoor channel.   :fishing01:
Yup 4am bass Saturdays on the west!!

V.S. has a bunch of new shows that come on multiple times during the week and weekend. Hank Parker is back and so is Jimmy Houston. Bass Pro and Bass Edge are two new shows that look fairly good so far. The Scott marten challenge and Bill Dance or course. Angling edge and Roland martin still come on at 2am here. Oh and Shaw Grigsby.

I said i was never gonna watch OLN anymore after that 4 week long tour de france coverage last summer but now V.S. has really stepped up. The only shows I really watched on ESPN were the bass university and tournament coverage. I'm not a big fan of the peacock bass show or charlie Moore. And like I already said I'm glad rods and wheels is gone.
From what I was told, Bass University is gone too.  I liked that show as well as Schooled by Denny. :mad: :mad:  I do know that tourney coverage will be on both ESPN and the DUCE so hopefully we won't get short changed on that coverage.  Man, I was like a little kid getting up for Saturday morning cartoons as far as Bass Saterday was concerned. :dance01: :dance01: Can't hardly get up for work on time, but when it comes to fishin' and fishin' shows, I'm up at the crack of dawn.  ;D My poor wife just shakes her head !!!
No more Bass University??? Aww man! Thats a shame. That was probably one of the best. :(
Gee when most of us who fish weekends are on the water Saturday mornings how is ESPN supposed to get good ratings?? They should make it Bass Sundays so we can watch it without having to record the shows we want to see.
I watch Versus and another outdoor channel we have here almost all the time, wether it be hunting or fishing.
whats Versus?

and yeah having Bass Sundays would be good although having a Tivo is my way of seeing Bass Saturdays ;)
Isn't Versus the same thing as "The Bass Pro" that comes on during the week???
Versus is the VS channel which used to be OLN.

I never did understand the early Saturday time slot. I fish on Saturday early. Now if they wanted to have it on at 3pm or 4pm then that would be good. We come home from fishing and can relax and watch fishing shows. Good thing I have a DVR to record these shows.
There are some pros who are putting together a BassU type class I think I read it on BassFan. That sucked last year during the classic when ESPN decieded that their tennis coverage was more important than showing the classic weigh in live. which made me sit and suffer waiting to see who won.
Hey Drew what did you think of that so-called Recon\MCI instructor\jackass on rods and wheels? He pissed me off everytime i watched it. I found myself screaming at the TV on quite a few occasions :cussin: |!!| |x| for some reason i wanted to choke him. JJust wanted to see if it was only me. Dave
No Dave it was definately not you. He was a meat head! How do you think the corps like the portrial? I bet you money he was a REMF. (rear echolon MF). I bet you can't find five people who will admit they they liked the show. I bet you can't find two who watched all the episodes. But you know every unit I was in had a dude just like him. Semper fi. Drew
Yeah me too theres always one. I dont think the corp cared too much for it, I mean we are not stupid by no means but not a bunch of geniuses either. He was too cocky too arrogant ALL the time the thing that seperates 95 percent of the Marine Corp is we all have the ability to be cocky and arrogant when we NEED to be, and can shut it off just as quick as we turned it on. Me and you gotta fish together sometime. Oorah Dave
You betcha I would love to fish the big O with you. When I was a kid I was helping a neighbor haul some stuff to the recycling center and came across this big old box of old Bassmaster magizines the first article I read was about the big O and since that day it has been a dream of mine to fish it. My house burned down in 1985 and I lost all those precious magizines. I got a heck of a collection now though. Some day soon I'll be there, and if you ever make Missouri were there man, Lake of the Ozarks or Truman! peace out.
Sounds like a plan brother, just 2 jarheads on the water smells like TROUBLE to me! >:D Dave
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