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New Line of Baits

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I had been for a while experimenting with making plastics, cranks, and flies. I am wondering since I have gotten quite a hand for it, would anyone be interested in trying them. I am thinking of opening it full fledged, with a website and such, but I would like to know if people are interested in trying as I said, and seeing how you like them. I right now have a ton of handmade flies for the flyfishermen, mostly just dry weightless right now.

The Line will contain plastic craws, sweet beavers, lizards, worms. As for flies, a wide array of Steelhead and Brown Trout flies, along with some smaller flies for small trout that will soon be made. Crankbaits is for the future if things work out. They will be made with pure balsa wood, handmade, handpainted, and hand assembled.

Just respond with any questions and such.

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Good for you young man, Don't fish much but sure am around it alot and if we can help you in anyway please let us know. The American Dream good job :tbh_flag:
Post some pictures of your baits here for everyone to see. I think you would get some fly fishermen to try it. I own a fly rod but never use it anymore. But if you have lures for baitcasters I would be game.
I am looking for a new plastic craw.I use a lot of back with blue claws.If you want someone to try them out let me know.
Hey Towe, don't ya mean avacado :rofl1: Sorry had to get that off my chest. Seriously, Mike and I fish craws alot and occassionally I'll throw a beaver or otter. We would be able to try them out for you on rivers for smallies and bucketmouths. Let us know and please post some picks.

I have had alot of options lately, and the definite will be the flies, because I have got a hand for them lately. I will post some pics of those, and also I decided Spinnerbaits will also be made. I have to order more parts to make them though.

I will definitely get a pic of a craw, sweet beaver, and the flies. Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits will be in the future as I will be doing them with an airbrush.

Thanks for the input...I will get back to you all.

Here is four of the last flies. (Left To Right) The Stub Brown Bugger, Orange Buck Streamer, Green Fluff Bug, Firefly, and the Stub Purple Bugger. All Enfused with Megastrike and a Fly lubrication material. The Stub Buggers are what catch the most Rainbows. Notice the yellow buckhair comming out of the Purple one. All of them have little accents like that, and the better accented a fly is, the better it will work.

Tell me what you think

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