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I have e-mailed Ish Monroe, and he has agreed to another interview. I will hopefully get the answers to them soon.

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1. How do you like the way the BASS Tournament season has started out for you?

I loved it! It's great when you start with a win. You just have to keep it going.

2. Just how great of a win was Amistad for you?

It was the best of my career.

3. Did the win on Amistad effect the last two tournament stops for you, at Rayburn and Santee Cooper.

It effected my Sam Rayburn tournament because I lost a day of practice but it did not effect my Santee tournament.

4. Just how big of a tube were you using in the win at Amistad? What size hook did you need for it?

It is a 7 in. Tora Tube rigged with a special 12/0 Gamagatsu EWG not available in the US.

5. What are your thoughts on Guntersville, which is the next stop on the Elite Series Tournament?

I think it will be a good tournament. Another sight-fish derby.

6. Do you think that you will like the new layout that BASS has implemented for the 2006 season?

I love the new layout! 100 guys, 11 events, lots of $$$.

7. How is the new Ranger treating you?

Ranger is the best! Great boat and great people!

8. What jam were you listening to, on the iPOD, during the Classic? Any old school jams on the iPOD?

Mostly old school hip hop. EPMD, Eric B, DJ Kool, A Tribe Called Quest, etc.

9. Does Ish Monroe have more tournament wins coming this season?

I think so! I planned on a win and I got it early. I know what it takes to win now.

10. Did the Sweet Beaver get any water time so far, this season?

Santee sight fishing with the White Trash Sweet Beaver caught me a 7 lber and a few other good ones.

Kinda short and sweet, but it was an interview none the less. LOL Hope that you all like it.
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