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New Guy from Central Il

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Good morning all. New member here from Central Ill. My Name Doug, I have been in this area for about 2 years, prior to that spent 5 years in Tampa Fl, 1 Year in Atlanta Ga and 21 years throughout the pacific (Navy) Was born in Iowa and raised in Prairie du Chien WI. I am obsessed with Fishing. Specifically smallmouths. I primarily fish spinning gear but intend to work on baitcasters this year, and will focus on jig fishing. Unfortunately I am shore bound but not letting that keep me from the water.
I see some folks here from another site I frequent. Found my way here via Gotstafish's website links.

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Glad yo found us Doug! :clap: Welcome to The Bassholes. I hope you to see you here as a regular :D

By the way, invite all your friends. by doing so you could win a $30.00 bass pro shops gift card :D

Once again welcome to The Bassholes :cheers:

Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard!!

:cheers: :victory:​
Welcome. only smallmouths we have here in Florida are newborns
Where you at and what is your home lake? I live on the Lake of the Ozarks in central MO.
Thanks for the welcome all. My home lake is a little gem called Evergreen just north of Normal IL.

Hi Dug! I am so glad you are here! Thanks for joining!
Welcome to the bassholes Doug.
welcome aboard.I am from the braidwood area let us know where at in central I bet we'll share some of the same water this year.Also you come up a little north and I can put you on some smallies
Welcome to the site.

I wish Florida had some Smallmouth bass. One of the rivers in the panhandle near Pensacola is actually cold enough year round to easily support Smallmouth as well as Brown Trout. I thought about putting some of those in there once ;) just teasing. It would be sweet though.
Welcome to the party!!! :cheers: Dave
Welcome Dug! I know you'll enjoy your stay!! :fishing01:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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