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New Fly Fishing Lures

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Alright so I am ready to get this show on the road. I am now going to be selling Flies. I will have a website up soon, and it will contain my line of Buggers, Streamers, and other "ideas''. Now none of these are the conventional fly, they are all based on research and experience. Over the past year especially, I have seen the reaction of trout to many different colors and presentations. All we have to do is pair that with your creek or stream, depending on water, area, bottom surface, ect.

I will have a promotional period to start with, where you can get them less than they will cost regularly. The normal fly will be about $2.00, up to $3.50. It will depend on the time it takes to make it. I will probably have a deal going where you can get 6 flies for 10 dollars. I will let you all know. If you are intrested, post a reply.

Thanks. If you want a Sample Fly, It will be a small fee of $2.00. An email can be sent to me at [email protected].
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