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New Fireline ?

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Was wondering if anybody has tried the new crystal fireline.It claims to be transparent in the water but it doesn't look like it would be on the spool. I've always loved fireline but never was a fan of the available colors.Didn't want to spend the money until I heard some reviews from the water.
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I am not a fan of Fireline. I only use Trilene and Yo-Zuri but I could be easily persuaded. LOL ;)
I've heard nothing but good things about it, but personally, I'm not a fan of Fireline so I havent tried it yet.
I've heard a lot of talking about it but have yet to try it. The idea of a transparent superline really intrigues me tho so I am going to have to test it out for myself soon.
The only thing I've heard about it is that it is as supple as wire usually is. :-\ Not a big fan of fireline, anyway.
I asked the same question on the bass board and for the most part I got a resounding it is not worth the time or money. But I had to try for myself and they were all right. It broke on long and short casts not at the knot but in mid line. You're better off using power pro, I just saw they now have it in red but I'm not sure thats gonna make much of a difference. Fireline is pure garbage, just my 2 cents.
i have to disagree. ive been using fireline since before it was out. small samples from dupont guys. i love it for a lot of applications. i have pulled on some huge rays reds etc with 14 and 20 and its hard to break. there are bad batches. also if you break off of a snag by tightening down and pulling against the spool i think it will cut itself. i got two sample spools of the crystal from the berkely rep but i havent tried em. they cannot possibly disappear. maybe less visible thatn the grey but still are going to show against a background. i still put a flouro leader on if i need to disappear.

i also got a sample spool of the new spider ultracast which i used all summer and fall on reds. it may get me to move to braid which i have not liked up to now. my buddy loves powerpro but i dont. too many wind knots etc. the ultracast is formed without adding heat to the process so it it much stronger per diameter. the 15 ultra substantially thinner than 14 fireline. it is amazingly smooth. i had a hard time holding the line against the rod with an open bail in the surf with 3 ounces of lead. it slipped when i was loading the rod. had to get it at a close to a 90 degree angle. no wind knots yet. have landed some big stuff on 15 lb test. i havent seen the price yet. the SE US berkely guy was very knowledgeable about line in general. interesting discussion about the red line controversy etc.
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I have had terrible luck with fireline and a fluorocarbon leader. I have used it as a leader for Carolina rigging and fluke/floating worm fishing in clearer water.The leader breaks on the hookset too often. I think I need to experiment with different rod actions to make up for no-stretch line
I used Fireline for a few years and loved it, but.....I got some serious cuts on the fingers then hand and just had to stop using it. Way too thin for me. It took 21 staples to close the back of my hand the last time I used it. A striper took off with it sliding across the back on the hand while holding both handle and rod to keep my rod from leaving. The drag sang a song, smoked some, and blood flew. The knot problem is solved by using a double Palomar or Trilene Knot with 6 wraps and 1/2" of tag. Melt the end of the tag to make a button for extra insurance. I don't remember ever getting a break above the knot. Casts nicely, and made a great winter line. I rarely if ever attached a fluorocarbon leader. Bass didn't seem to mind that line. It's so slick you have to tape in down on the spool.

I don't know much about the new fireline, but I used fireline several years ago and kept breaking fish off on the hook set and it wasn't at the knot either. I will stick with P-Line fluoroclear #15 & #20 and Power Pro braids #30 & #50. Like Pawleys said about tightening down on a snag I had that fireline cut itself before as well. Wiith the P-Line and Power Pro if I break off I know it is my fault for a bad knot or not checking for damage as often as I should.
Basically, as I understand it, it is the same poor quality of a line as the regular Fireline - the only exception is that it is clear. So if you are a fan of Fireline in the firstplace - go ahead and use it - if you do not like Fireline to begin with, it probably will not be worth it.
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