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New Addition to Family

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A new Grandchild.

Our Mel gave birth today to Imogen, weighing in at 4lb 11oz today at 8.15pm,
The baby was premature, she was due to see the world on May 19th. Mel has been in and out of hospital for 5 weeks

A second Grandchild for Kath and myself, and a second Great Child for Jesse, Melanies Grandmother.

Unfortunately my dad passed away on the 22nd March, he would have loved to have seen the new baby, he was worried about Melanie and the hospital stays. Dad did speak with Melanie on the phone, and he wished her well and also the new baby

The baby is in the special ward with being premature, but both mother and baby doing well
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sorry to hear of your loss,my prayers to you and yours.

and :cheers: :chug: to the new grandbaby. one more to spoil never hurt
good to hear from you
Congrats to you and your family. :victory:

I know all to well about premature babies. My daughter was born at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas 2 and a half month early. She weighted 2lbs 16ozs. She stayed in the hospital for about 11 weeks which is a week shy of being 3 months. She only had one blood transfusion.

She is what we call our Miracle baby as well as the Million Dollar Baby.

If your family have any questions about anything just ask. I had to take classes to operate machinery at the home as well as how to care for a premature child. It is a lot different then full term babies. Trust me.

She will enjoy the Kangaroo hold. They will find out what that is. It is pretty awesome.

Congrats again.
Thanks guys :thumbup01: :thumbup01:
Congratulations Andy!!
Congrats Andy! Grandchildren are so precious, this one even more so! Will add her to my prayer list that all will continue to be well!
I see another spoiled child , Grandpa Andy :D

Congrats to you and your family Andy :cheers: :clap:
Congrats Andy and sorry to hear about your Dad.
Andy, Thats is great news!! I hope everything is good for you!! Congratz from across the pond!! Give that kid a kiss from a border line Yank!
Thanks yall :thumbup01: :thumbup01: :thumbup01:
Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of a strong and heathy baby girl.
Your dad is right there watching over all of you.
Thank you Mary. Courtney had a few tears over her " big grandad " today,
He wont see baby Imogem, she said.

Oh yes he will i told here, he will be looking at her right now with us. But he wont ever hold her, was her reply.

I again told her, when we hold thew baby, big grandad holds the baby

Baby Imogen in the incubator

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She's a lil cutie Andy. Takes after her Mom and Grandma :thumbup01: :clap:
Thanks Rodney mate :D,
i can remember when mine were cute and innocent :rofl1:
very cute grandchild andy
Congradulation , Love them babies.. My daugther and grand girl just moved to Virginia Beach so i have to go home tonight and color my Easter eggs by myself and just think about them. 15 year old boy won't want to get up and look for eggs so i guess i will hide them myself and see if grandpa can remember were he put them. Baby looks BEAUTIFUL. :clap:
Baby Imogen is now out of the incubator, but staying in hospital. Melanie is home but she is not a happy mummy, she want her new born child with her.
The paternal grandparents and other family are not allowed to visit in case of any infections.

Courtney is like a mother hen already, Imogens big sister
Hey Andy I hope all goes well. I lost my dad 6 months ago. He lived long enough to find out that his great grandchild was going to be a boy.
Thank you :grin:, pleased you dad got to know he was getting a grandson :thumbup01: :thumbup01:
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