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Need prayers and advice

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Hello friends, I need some advise on what to do. I had the preachers wife at our church come up to me and ask if I would be the new Youth Minister. She asked me to go home and pray about it.

Here is the only problem that I am running into. I work really crazy hours and may only be able to go to church once a month. And that once a month is a big maybe. I would love to be the churches Youth Minister but it wouldn't be fair to the kids or the Lord for me to do this without being able to do it all the time. It wouldn't set a good example for the kids. The kids may believe that if I don't attend church all the time they don't have too or they may think that they can only participate in church activities when they have the time like me. I don't want that too happen.

So, I could quit my job and get one that is 8 hours a day and would be able to perform the task. I have a job in mind but it was the one I quit to go to the job I have now. I left on good terms so I don't think that it would be a problem to go back to it.

I will pray it and I know that it is my decision but I would love to have yalls opinion and prayers. Thanks and God bless.
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Robert, being a man of faith myself, I know that God will work things out for you, if go to Him and ask for the direction needed to take the right path.

With that said, I would go to your supervisor or manager at your job that you work at, and explain to him the opportunity that you have set in front of you, and see if your company would be willing to accomodate your schedule. Most companies these days get nervous when confronted about questions that deal with religion and working hours, and most will relent due to the fact that a lot of fuss could be created if things get escalated to a certain point.

If they do not accomodate your schedule, then I would let them know that it's time for you both to part ways, and that this is more important than all the money a man could make in a lifetime. Even being able to help shape a young person's life, in this day and age, so that they will lead a Christian life and will turn to God...........well, that's a rare experience to have.

Just know that you are in my prayers, and I will ask God to bring you to the right path for you to walk. :)
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The company that I work for will not adjust your schedule due to your religious needs or beliefs. They say it will cause a comflict on intrest between the company, other co-workers, and myself.

I do believe I know what I am going to do but please keep me in your prayers.
I hate to hear that God is being forced out of the working man's company. However, it's all too common these days. I will keep you in my prayers, and I hope that all turns out for the best. :)
Good luck on this problem
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