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Need Help With Fishing Trip List

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Most of yall already know that I will be heading out for a 3 day fishing trip at Lake Fork this coming weekend (March 18-20). I have compiled a list of what I will need to take. If you know of something that I have left out will you please post it. Thanks.

1.) Rods and reels
2.) Tackle (includes- extra line, lures, tools for reels, ect...)
3.) Sunglasses
4.) Sunscreen
5.) First Aid Kit
6.) Medicine
7.) Life jackets
8.) Boat Paddles
9.) Tools for boat, trailer, and truck
10.) Spare tire for truck
11.) Fix a Flat (2 cans)
12.) Summer/winter clothes
13.) Rain jacket
14.) Ice chest w/portable aerator
15.) Trolling motor
16.) Battery charger
17.) Proper paper work for boat and trailer.

What I don't have right now is.....

1.) Net
2.) Scales

Anything you think that I might have left off please let me know. Thanks again.

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Battery charger. Plenty of comfortable shoes and socks. Wet feet suck!
I got Battery charger down but I will add water boots to my list. Thanks
imonembad said:
Sorry didn't see it. Beer!
Leaving out Beer is like leaving your boat and truck at the house and just walking to the lake......which is just plain stupid!! LOL :rofl1: :rofl2:

You need to pack all your stuff up and go to Fork with me.....just an offer. You know you want too.
Cell phone charger...
And a camera!!!
Dude the thought has crossed my mind!! Its just to dang far for me. I know what a lousey excuse! Have fun Brother!
mary dean said:
Cell phone charger...
And a camera!!!

Thanks Mary- I already have my camera in my tackle bag, which I forgot to list, but my cell phone charger never crossed my mind. Thanks a million!!
Spares; trolling motor and big engine props and tools to replace them.
Trailer spare tire and wheel grease.
Didn't see any electronics mentoned, don't leave home without you sonar.
Spare sunglasses and large brim hat to sight fish with.
anchor and rope.
Drinking water while you are fishing, beer after. Coffee thermos and jacket for the mornings.
flotation cushion and fire extinguisher.
You don't need net, lip those big bass.
Ps; you might want to make up a "keep alive" stringer. I use 2 stainless steel D ring locking clips , 8' of 300 lb mono (marlin leader) with a stopper about 3' from the bottom. Use a large swivel clip (dog leash type) on the bottom with a 1 lb sinker to keep the bass down. Fasten the stringer near your live well box and remember to put the big bass into the box when you pick up to move. I used this type of stringer for over 30 years to keep big bass alive outside of the live well because the big girls go into shock in a live well and you don't need to worry about the aerator running your battery down.
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I did not see an extension cord.
Thanks Tom. If I didn't know better I would say you have done this before. LOL :rofl1:

I didn't think about the drinking water or the anchor.

I have the sonar with my tackle bag and the fire extinguisher is already mounted to the boat thank goodness, because I promise you I would have left it out for sure.

I will have to go out and get some wheel grease and a spare tire.
This is begining to cost a little. LOL It should be worth it.

I will add the extension cord to my list as well.

The lodge will have a place to charge my battery so I can scratch off the battery charger.

Thanks guys and please keep the list going if possible.
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I always carry a spare impeler for the waterpump on the outboard, extra shear pin for the trolling motor prop. locks for both the reciever(unless you have bumper mount ball), and for trailer tongue. nothin like losing your hitch or losing your trailer when your out on the water.
A car jack like you would use in your garage. It sure makes changing tires faster and easier on your trailer. Check the water in your batteries (if applicable), and you can never have too many empty Ziploc freezer bags. Have fun.
Thanks for the additions guys and gals. I have a huge list now.

Any more info that yall have please keep posting them here. Thanks again.
A few things I never go fishing without:

  • Advil (a headache would suck)
  • Rolaids/Tums (heartburn sucks even worse lol)
  • Immodium AD - Diarhea will MESS up a fishing trip! (I actually take one before I head on every trip so I dont have to worry about mother nature until later than evening when I am back on land.)

Put all the above in your First Aid Kit! Be sure to have a few new and sealed straight edge razors too in case of snake bite. They aren't common but with the warming temps I'm sure snakes will be out catchin some heat in the sun. A bite would suck but if you are prepared for it you will be better off.

Also how about:
  • A filet knife
  • A frying pan
  • Some charcoal
in case ya want to catch some crappie or brim and have a good fresh fish dinner :)

If I think of any thing else I will post it :)
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Marina's there do not have extra battery chargers that their customers can use to charge their batteries that I know of. Unless they told you that you could use one I would not assume this. They have outlets from which you plug your extension cord in and then into your battery charger. If your boat doesn't have one built in you will need to bring one. I just wanted to clarify that.

No one has mentioned lures to bring. I used to fish Lake Fork dozens and dozens and dozens of times each year. In the pre spawn time this is what I would be fishing with:

1) RED rattle traps. (Yep, this is where this all started with me haha) I would try the XCalibur Royal Red one which is the one in my avatar. Not many people use that still. Most use Bill Lewis Rattle Traps.
2) White 1/2 ounce or 1/4 ounce spinnerbait with a small gold colorado blade and a chrome Willow blade.
3) Senko's in Black and blue and Watermelon Red. Dip the tails of the Watermelon red ones in Chartreuse Spike it. But only the last 1/8 inch. This mimicks brim as they have a rim this color on the ends of their tail.
4) Black and blue 1/2 ounce jig with a sweet beaver or similar trailer.
5) Devil's Horse in Silver sides with black back and orange belly. Or in Frog pattern with orange belly.
6) Lizards in Watermelon Red. Use with the smallest weight possible or sometimes weightless for best presentation. I would never use this for spawning fish with more then an 1/8 ounce weight. Usually 1/16th is all you need.

I will send you a map I made for someone else from that website (which shall remain un named by me) that is putting this shindig on.

The Game Wardens are out allot this time of year so just make sure everything in your boat is working. If you do not have a horn bring a whistle or an airhorn. But Bobby, have fun and don't sweat the small stuff. Lake Fork has humbled better men then you and I before and sometimes gets the best of all of us. Other times she can be pretty good ;)

Here are area's that I have personally done good in:

Back of Birch. I mean all the way back way past the power lines and around the second powerlines

Those are major spawning grounds. There are still lots of fish staging off of points to all of these back areas. So make sure you fish points while you are there. Even secondary points inside of these large arms. Basically look for any cove that is a good spawn area and then back out till you find where it breaks into deep water and any points start there first thing. This is where the big girls live. Use that red trap allot. Believe me it works there. Spinnerbaits work real well there also. They are better in February though. Senko and those types are awesome right now in shallow water.

Good luck bro.
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Thanks for the info guys.

Keith----The owner of Lake Fork Lodge said I could use his charger if needed. That is why I'm not bringing mine. I think he said I will be the only one there for Sunday and Monday.

I won't be able to stay until Tuesday like I planned. They need me back at work asap, so I gave back one of my vacation days.
A tractor-trailer to pack all your stuff in. :p :-*
wormin_4_bass said:
The Number for Share-Lunker 1-888-784-0600

That number is already programed into my cell phone. LOL
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