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I am going trout fishing this weekend, this Sunday and Monday, and need some information badly. 

1.  What setup do I need?  Rod, reel, line

2.  What baits are best?  spinners, flies, powerbaits

The place that I will be going to is Beaver Bend in Oklahoma.  There will be brown and rainbow trout.   

Please help me.

If you have a lot of information then you can PM or email me.  Thanks.   

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Well I would suggest a 10 foot light action noodle rod couple with a smooth spinning reel and 4-6 pound test line.

If that's not an option, an ultra light, or light action setup should work.

For baits, I like small, GOLD panther martin spinners dressed with orange hair. That is a deadly trout bait for some reason. Also a 1 1/4 inch Daredevle or Five Diamonds spoon is killer. 2 inch pink worms fished on a steelhead hook are great as well drifted near bottom. If you can, try live worms either below a float or just bottom bounced with a small egg sinker.

And I can't stress enough the importance of a light flourocarbon lead, no heavier than 6 pound.

Hopefully that helps you out with the trout, if I can help some more let me know. Good luck!

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I dont fish for trout outside of fly rods, so if your body of water you fish is shallow and you need to know about a fly rod, let me know, because fly fishing is one of the most complicated things for new fly fisherman...

Rich knows what he is talking about tho, so take his word.
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