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Need help fishing tubes!!!!!

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I have never fished with tubes before and I want to try them out. What I need is to know what type, size, and brand that is considered the best of the best. I will also need to know how to rig it up on a hook . I think that is the main reason that I have never used them. Thanks for all the help in advance.
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I go with the Zoom Tubes. They are 4" long. I use a 1/0 Gamakatsu EWG Offset Worm hook, in red. T-rig them with the smallest weight you can use, and make it weedless. I do not peg the weight, but you can.

Also, Gamakatsu makes tube-jigheads. I have some 1/8 oz. heads, and they are great for fishing rocks in open water.
nwgabassmaster--- If you have time can you take several pics of that bait showing how to rig it up? Like a before and after effect.
Give me two shakes of a dog's leg, and it will be done. Ok, maybe a little longer than that. LOL
Are you very successful with tubes?  Not many people mention them when asked about there favorite baits or go-to baits.  Whys that?
Ok, the first pics are doing it T-rigged.  Please note that I DID NOT picture a weight, but a weight should be placed above the hook when rigging.

Ok, this is the hook.  I was wrong in saying that with this tube, you should use a 1/0 hook.  This is a #1 hook.  Same style, just smaller.  Also, when I mentioned the tubes above, I was going based on what has listed under their list of Zoom products.  The tube pictured here is 3 1/2" long.  Sorry for the mistakes above.  LOL

Take the hook, and insert it 1/4" into the tube.


Take the hook, and push it through the plastic, and pull the whole hook through, until the bend below the eye comes out.

Take the point of the hook, and push it through both sides of the tube, and leave the point of the hook exposed and parallel with the tube.  You can "pinch" the hook point back under the skin of the tube.


Now, here's how to do it with the jig head I mentioned above.  I was correct about all the information on that particular jighead.

Take the head of the jighead, and insert it into the end of the tube, and push all the way to the top.  Take a sharp knife and make a small laceration into the skin of the tube, which will allow the eye of the jighead to come through it.

I hope that these are clear instructions.
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That is perfect. Thanks a bunch.
The only reason that I have tubes is because they are a sleek lure with bulk. It will come through a lot of the cover that I fish a jig with, and will do so a lot easier.

I don't consider it a big-fish lure because I have not caught a lot of big bass on them. For some, it may be a big fish lure. For me, I listed the lures that catch the bigger bass for me.

Also, they are great for bedding fish. Today, I was using a 4" lizard, but I use the tube above when I know that they would rather chase a bluegill than deal with a lizard. I know, that sounds like a huge mistake, but I have seen times where bass will not touch a lizard. They just let it sit there, and will eyeball it. However, when that "firetiger" tube hits the bed, they nail it.
You can also add an internal weight inside the nose, spearing through it when first piercing the tube with hook point. The hook holds it in. Those weights are usually lead, but I prefer the brass type. I add a glass bead (or brass bead for more sink) behind it so it will roll against it and make a click noise, then plug the end of the tube with a piece of glued plastic worm. Be sure the bead inside is away from the plug while gluing the plug in. I also sometimes use a piece of damaged GULP! worm for the plug, leaving an inch of it hanging out to ad a scent trail. That gets a little more use out of a GULP! when it's head is ruined.

I've also noted a bedding bass won't always take a lizard, but that changes once he's found a female and has eggs to guard. A lizard bait resembles a salamander, which he knows will eat the eggs. Bass hate salamanders and strike to kill them. Until the eggs are deposited the tube works great on an empty bed.

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