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Natural Motion Lures??

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Here is a link to natural motion lures and I was wondering if anybody has tried these out. I think the one in this video is a snake. I might just have to try this out just for fun.
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The Doug Hannon lures huh ? Nope, never used them.
Ive never used them BUT I have on DVD the uncut unedited version of the infomercial Doug was creating for the baits. I got it when Steve and I were working with Doug on a possible partnership. That of course fell through but I still have the DVD from Doug.
I hate to say it too but... I watched the DVD and I am sold on them lol I'd show all of you the DVD if I knew I wouldnt get in trouble... but being as it's not been released it and unedited, I fear I could get in big trouble for sharing it at this time.

The baits do look awesome though! When I can afford to spend that kind of money I will try it for sure, especially considering how many snakes we have down here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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