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Nailed A Biggun This Morning!

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By Canada standards this is a trophy bass, it was over 5 pounds and what a fight! I have had carp that fought worse than this bass did, non stop drag-peeling and bulldogging, awesome. :)

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Rich, that's a trophy in a lot of the US as well. Anything above 5 lbs. is a great fish, and even some below 5 lbs. are great fish.

That's a beautiful fish, and from the dark tone, she looks like she might have been shallow for a spell.

What depth did you catch her, and what did ya catch her on?
Yep she was right up shallow under a laydown. It was about 4 feet of water, and she hit the good old white tandem spinnerbait.
Hey that's awesome Rich, beautiful fish. I need to fight another 5 pounder soon! lol ;D
WTG !!! Very nice
Wow awesome fish Rich! Way to go!! :cheers:

I hope you dont mind, but I am going to put those pictures in the gallery :)
Great job rich. :clap: :victory: :dropjaw:
Excellent fish. Bet she was fun.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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