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My Phone Lines and My DSL

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Hey All, I'm having problems with my ISP/Phone Lines. My phone lines are making terrible noise the several days and yesterday it got so bad I couldnt hear people talking and it kept disconnecting me from the net. The fact that I am on here now is miraculous. Bellsouth is due out here today to check it all out. I suspect lightning had a play in all this.

Hopefully they resolve it completely and i can once again spend a decent duration on line. I see so many new topics I want to reply to but I hate getting a whole post typed out only to find out Icant even send it because my connection has dropped again lol
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Jared are you safe from all that nasty weather this morning?
Hope they get you fixed up. I know weve had fits with our cable not working at times. ( We use cable for our internet access ) But as of now they have it up and working.
Well they didnt fix a darn thing. The bellsouth tech gave me his card and told me to call him when it acts up! Grrrrrrrrr!! Lazy SOB! lol

Thank God I can surf the site from work. I have a lot of catching up to do tonight! :)
Dern, looks like he could of at least replaced some stuff. We had new lines run from the pole to the house. New modum, he redid all the connectors.

I'd call them back up and keep complaining !
I plan on it... unfortunately I wont be around to meet them at my house for the next few days due to work. I get off Sunday. Next week I will start my compaining. lol
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