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My Old Boat

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here's my old boat. I will still be using it, like for my pond and for other ponds in my area where big boats either dont have access or arent allowed.

This boat is a 14' Monarch. The trolling motor is a Bill Dance Edition 32lb Motorguide with a Motorguide Gator mount off of a dead 82lb thrust motor i have. I kept breaking the other mounts. That gatormount though... shes tough and I can bounce off as many stumps as I want lol
The 1973 Johnson 9.5 is not on it because it makes it easier for me to load into my pond by myself. I got to do a lot of pushing and pulling to get it in the pond because my truck cant back all the way down without getting stuck lol

I put the front deck on it and then cut a door in it. you can probably see the outline of it around teh trolling motor pedal. My battery, first aid kit, wiring, spare bagged ponchos and some tools are under the deck in that compartment. Its a good little boat and has always treated me well. Like I said im keeping it for the small ponds and shallow rivers.

By the way, can you imagine me in Santee Cooper in this thing? I tried it. Almost died! NEVER AGAIN! LOL!

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Was that with your buddy Tim ? ( believe that is his name )
Fish4FunInFl said:
Was that with your buddy Tim ? ( believe that is his name )
yep, you probably remember me whining about it LOL
See i need something like that just a pond set up. What do ya'll think about inflatable boats? not kick tubes or floats a two-three person boats like the ones that Cabelas sells. Dave
for a small two person boat you cant beat those plastic ones joedog has buddy in florida has one that i rode in with him .very stable goes thru very skinny water.light.
check them out

here is a link to the boat i'm talking about
thanks bro thats exactly what im talkin about. Dave
I think BPS has something similar. I wanna say its a pond prowler. To lazy to check it right now ( the name of it )

Ive never been in one but have heard from people that use them in ponds and seem happy with them.
That is a lot better than what I have. That's about the size I need though.
I'm proud of you Jared. You deserve a nice boat. Congrats on your new one.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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