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My merc xr6 99' model

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I stopped by a Outboard repair shop (Merc certified) and come to find out what I was told about my 99' model XR6 150. well turns out this motor actually put out close to 160+hp. I also confirmed through the mechanic that the timing changes when i get around 5400-5600rpm thus keeping the boat from getting up to higher RPM's. he said he could fix all that and allow the motor to gain more RPM on the top end. In doing this I would get the oil pump taken off and plugged up and mix the gas myself. from what I searched online people say this motor is good to 6500 RPM or so.

I am now wanting to rebuild this Carb Dinosaur and get this work done. he will do it for around $3,800. that seem fair?

the boat the motor is on is rated for a 175hp motor.
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That extra thousand rpm may come at a greater cost than the 3,800. Merc knew what they were doing when they rated the motor for 5400 to 5600 hundred rpm, they understood what she would do and hang together. If the oil injector is working correctly I would leave it on, the motor runs best at different rpms with different fuel ratios and you loose that when you take off the injection unit.IMHO
im about 4 weeks away from finally having $5000 to get a new powerhead. I havnt been on the water in my boat since the first of march.
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