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My last post :(

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Well... until I get back, anyway ;D gotcha! You all post a lot and have fun while I am gone. I'm now flying to Florida because my dad is unable to go with me :( This stinks, but his wifes' brother is critically ill and is very upset so that is understandable that he can't come with me. I'm taking my reels in my carry on and have to buy a rod down there lol! Couldn't figure a way to get it there safely with such short notice. I'll just get my brother-in-law to bring it to Virginia when they come for Easter. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to share and stories when I return. I will return on the 17th.

David :fishing02: :thumbup01:
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WOOT! Good luck down there buddy!! Dont catch em all! :D
That was just wrong. LOL :D

Good luck to ya anyway.
I think you made the hillbilly hall of fame with that "my dads wifes brother" thing I had to think about it for a minute! Hope you have a great time and catch a big ole FLA. strain LMB!
Good luck and have fun.
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