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Musky Tournament

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May 13th my dad and i will be fishing in a musky tournament on Pewaukee lake again. This is a very fun, yet tough tournament as it is on the most pressured musky lake in the area, but last year the winner caught three fish in a day :eek: It'll be a fun tourney and I'll try to get a monster worth takin' pictures of!
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Good luck to yall, Adam
Good luck to you both, Adam. Hopefully you all can pull out the win. ;)
Thanks guys! i took 4th in this a few years back, (out of 165 guys) but it'll be tough since i haven't fought a musky in.....well.....since then lol. I'm anxious
:champion: :2nd: :third: Bergy , How did you do in the tourny ??
Looking at lake Pewaukee and thats a small lake for 165 boats period, let alone all musky fishing! The lake looks like it is only about 4 1/2 miles long and separated into two 2 mile lakes. This is fishing like in southern California and I can't imagine musky fishing in such a small area.
Do you have minimum length like 28" or so? early season muskies where I used to fish in Canada liked bright colored in-line spinners and Bomber long A's 7" CHO model. Good luck, you should be proud if you catch a musky under those conditions.
This thread is over 1 year old and Bergy ( Adam ) hasnt been seen in along time.
Fish4FunInFl said:
This thread is over 1 year old and Bergy ( Adam ) hasnt been seen in along time.
Thanks, There was an entry posted earlier today and didn't notice the original date. Such a tiny lake for a musky tournament..who knows what was really going on.
:wack: Sorry guys, if it seems weird ! Bergy was on another site awhile ago , and we talked about this last year. And like it was said no hide or hair since !!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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