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Musky and big Norther Pike

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Just wondering how many Musky and Pike fishermen we have here?
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Muskies are my favorite fresh water fish. My problem is getting up to Canada to fish for them, since my farther in law passed away. He had a float plane and out post cabins around the Nestor Falls area of Lake of the Woods, Ontario and his neighbor was a world class musky guide. We fished spring/Summer Musky opening season for years. Crow lake (Kakagi* ) had some real big muskies and lake of the woods was great at times. Height of land (Kiskatina*) was my favorite for numbers (15 to 25lbs) on bass tackle, plus a few over 35 lb's to keep you on you alert. Pike were incidental catches and we did not target them.
* Need to look up the proper spelling.
Note; Crow lake is known as a trout lake locally and has great smallmouth fishing, plus musky in the 50 lb class. You can launch at the government landing, just off the highway to Kenora, north of Nestor Falls.
We have lakes full of pike now thanks to some stupid bucket biologists. We are working out a solution so these fish will become a trophy fish here in Maine.
The reason why I'm asking is because I have a new Musky and Northern lure in the works and may need field testers. More to come on this one ;D
Myself and few other anglers here in Maine are trying to get the pike classified as a game fish. Reason being, they are in our waterways now and there is no way to rid the waters of them. Might as well manage the water for trophy purposes and bring money to the state.
Well I can't speak for others but I sure like catching them, Went out sat. here in Wisconsin on the Mississippi and caught approx 15 of them with my friend Tom. Finally stopped due to sore arms. Lou
Pike & Musky are all I think about day & night! lol
my personal best was 30 inches and about as big around as a 2-liter pop-bottle
Which species pillman, musky or pike? That's quite a girth for a 30 inch fish.
Spring is pike season for me up here. We start with opening day and chase the toothy girls until the end of June. July and August we chase bass and then after Labour Day we switch back to pike and musky, right up to ice up. Spring time we fish the St Lawrence River and then head up to the Gatineau area of Quebec for fall pike and musky. There are some really great pike lakes in the Gracefield area and I am very lucky to have a buddy that owns a fishing lodge in the area and that he is a complete pike freak. If it ain't long and it doesn't have teeth......... :grin:
Yeah, I love the toothy girls. :thumbup01:
I love the late august Northern Pike trips to Cedar Lake Resort.
I like fishing for musky over northerns.....but bass over them both. Like bass, I can spend a day targetting muskies. Northerns are a different story - they are the fish to hunt after the bass shut down.
Hey Cheri now your talking my kind of fishing :fishing01: :bowdown:
retired-psg said:
Hey Cheri now your talking my kind of fishing :fishing01: :bowdown:
You know it buddy
Is it soft water yet????? :praying: I'm ready to get some river fishn done,them toothie critters have to be hungry :fish: :fineprint: :zara: :shadrap_ft:
I wish Lou....but it sounds like you'll hit the soft water before I will. And sides....we're in our closed season right now anyways. First chance I'll get to hit the water is Easter weekend (I hope), Opening Day (May 2nd) and then Smallies' weekend. Then look out Summer :thumbup01: I came.
As my late father in law would say; "dam jack"!
Yup Mo thats one of em for sure :notworthy:
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