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Moonphases for February 2007

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Looks like this weekend will be a hot time for fishing! :D


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Why?? How do you read one of those??
All my fishing life I heard from all the old timers, both boat and shore anglers alike, first recommended being in good water upon rise or setting of either moon or sun. Dusk or dawn, be there. But sometimes, especially during tournaments, that's impossible. When the competitors are off the lake the locals swarm in and catch the big fish out of key holes come sun down. Fortunately there's the alternative, rising or setting of the moon, which can happen at noon. We always wanted to be on our best water right before those times of day.

If a low pressure front happens about that time, all the better.

Then comes moon phase. Just before and for 4 days following either full or new moon, all the better. You either believe it or not. I haven't seen much data confirming any of the above, but have come to believe in it. Combine stormy weather with a full moon setting at dusk, far out! But, there remains the fact that few would dispute, some of the best bassing happens right before any storm.

Last and least, to me, is major or minor feeding period. Sometimes that works. If I see terrestrial animals cuing their feeding with either, I expect a feeding frenzy. If that happens at moon setting or rising, full or new moon, I won't go home unless bleeding dangerously. If nothing is happening during a major or minor, I fish on anyway, and can blame poor catching on a solunar table ;D

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There is little debate in regards to the full moons affect on spawning bass. I logged my bass fishing results from 1960 to 1970 and came to the conclusion that the dark of the moon was best, thinking that if the moon held water like the few days of the new moon, fishing was good. Then looking closer at the data for the next few years, when targeting big bass, I changed my mind and concluded that the 2 days before and after the full moon was best for big bass. This could be explained by the pre spawn activity when I caught the vast majority of the big bass. I wrote this up in the Bass Calender back in 1974 and still believe the days around the full moon are best for big bass, especially during pre spawn. If you can time a trip during a falling barometer with light rain, then it should be good.
Ps; you need to be fishing to catch fish, so go whenever you can...thats the best time to catch bass.
Tom, I agree whole heartedly with the three days before and after. They have been my best times. Not to good on the full moon though.
I agree that moon phases do effect fish behavior not just spawning fish. New moons also are good. In fact, a new moon will have a strong move of fish to their beds just as a full moon does.

When night fishing I have had some of my better nights on new moon phases then on full moon phases. I prefer the full moon phase as it helps me see what I am doing better :) but don't overlook new moon phases either.
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