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After a kind invite by Robbo to join him fishing today i jumped at the chance.
We went to Meadow Waters, this time without my mate Daz,

We arrived at Meadow Waters at around 8.40am. We went down to the second lake, buster, the pegs we usually fish were taken by carp anglers, so we decided to fish the first lake. Three carp anglers had taken the whole bankside up, they even blocked the road down to the pegs with their vehicles, not very sporting i thought, but what the hell
The weather was sunny to start with, but as the day progressed we had a few rain showers, and the wind picked up, not very pleasant with it blowing straight at us
My peg

Baits today were, bronze and red maggots for me, Robbo had bronze maggot and caster. I used a light colored groundbait, which in hindsight was a big mistake, i did not have a bite in over three hours, So i decided to mix a darker groundgbait. After a few casts i had landed a skimmer. I went on to manage one bream, three skimmers and two roach. I was pleased with the outcome of changing groundbaits.
I fished towards the island.

All during the day fish were jumping and splashing about in front of me, but they flatly refused to take my bait offerings

Top rod today went to Robbo, Well done mate, Robbo bagged some good bream and skimmers,
I was amazed to see Robbo's groundbait, he told me it was an old mixture from his last outing that he had frozen, LoL, dead maggots, very dark colored casters, and sweet corn, the old addage about the fancy groundbait was blew away with that today, Robbo was getting a bite a cast.
Here he is in action

And the fish that followed

A bream that was ready, or had just spawned

Another action shot of Robbo

As the day progressed it got colder and windier, at one point we had !!!!!

Blazing SUNSHINE, RAIN and WIND together, It was decided to call it a day at around 3pm, Here's Robbo's bag of the day

Robbo spotted something in the water, it looked like something was "floating" or rather being towed in the water. It looked like a top section of someones pole that a fish had pulled off
The sorry sight of the day was this, the red arrow points to the pole section

Another enjoyable day at Meadow Waters.

Thanks Robbo your a star mate

Nice report as always Andy. But I will stick to artificial fishing haha. The thought of maggots doesn't sound very appealing to me :wack:

Tight lines buddy.

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Fish4FunInFl said:
Nice report and pictures, Andy :thumbup01:
Agreed! You also have such wonderful reports and images Andy! Its so great to see how yall do it on the other side of the big pond. If ever the day comes that i could afford such a trip, Id love to come out there with ya and set up my own peg ;) Looks like loads of fun! I especially love the part about having your own grill and cooking bfast and lunch while we fish! LOL
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