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Mojo Weights ??

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Do any of yall use MOJO weights ?

Are they primarily used in clear water and for finese fishing ?( im guessing shallow water too )

Would you work them like a carolina rig ? ( Im guessing you would peg them up the line and look like a mini carolina rig )
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You can use them however you want - you have my permission. Just keep in mind that their slim profile allows them to pass through weeds better.

...According to someone else from California:

"One of the most effective presenations for plastic worms is the slip shot rig. This is a variation of the split shot and Carolina rigs, developed for spininng tackle. The components are 1/8 ounce mojo slip sinker, size 1 Gamakatsu rubber worm hook or equal, small round split shot or plastic Carolina keeper and 4 1/2 to 6" plastic worms. This rig is fished with a medium/hvy fast action 6'6" spinning rod and 8 lb fluorocarbon line. Shimano Sedona front drag is a good basic reel. The same outfit works well for drop shotting. The weight is placed 18 to 36 inches up the main line above the hook. Use a Palomar knot or braid knot to tie fluorocarbon. The worm is hooked weedless Texas style. Set your reel drag at 2 to 3 lbs.To keep the sliding weight in place add a small split shot or keeper. A glass bead with a rubber strand makes a good stopper, or purchase a Carolina keeper. To fish this rig cast parrallel to the depth your are targeting (3 to 30') or slightly up and/or down hill. Simply drag the weight along the bottom or drift and let the boat drag the weight along very slowly. Set the hook when you feel slight pressure with taps by sweeping the rod back and reeling."
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Sounds like I was right on at least useing it like a ' carolina rig ' ( from the sounds of that artical ) Thanks for the artical :)
I use them extensively and have for years. The Rock Hopper is super for rocky impoundments on a Carolina Rig. The drops shot weights cannot be beat, period, end of story, the connection for the line is protected INSIDE the weight! I could go on and on.

Best weight systems out there.

I've had success using the mojo rig as a finesse carolina rig. As previously stated the slim profile allows it to pass thru weeds nicely and over rocky bottoms with few hang-ups.The mojo kit sold by Bass Pro is ideal , it gives you a variety of weights and a tool to thread the line along with rubber stoppers which do a good job of protecting your line from damage.Experiment with different lengths of line trailing behind the weight simply by sliding the weight up and down the line. also use different size weights until you find the right presentation for that day.Do not limit yourself ,this is a very efficient way to present any type of soft plastic bait with very few hang-ups. Fish it fast or slow whatever the fish want. Many times my weight never reaches the bottom in heavier weeds, it just goes from weed clump to weed clump with the bait slowing swimming and sinking behind.This presentation is efficient down to 10 ft. any deeper than that it takes too long get down.I use 8 to 12 lb.test, naturally depending on water clarity and thickness of the cover. This technique works great on highly pressured fish.Give it a try and good luck.
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This will get you started from there your imagination takes over. I also like Lindy No Snag which is longer and banana shaped to crawl over a rough surface more quietly. Jim
I hope you are taking notes, there will be a quiz!
You know there used to be a bullet weight molded onto offset hook called a mojo rig that i used w/brush hogs when bass didn`t want a full size jig.Even BPS droped that name a few years back.Now it`s called perfect worm rig .Wish I still had a few old catalogs to see if i`am slipping off my rocker.
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