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Megabass Anthrax Lures

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Have any of you tried these lures? I saw pics online the other day and I am highly intrigued. Are they any good? They look like they could be the next rappy, or the next helicopter. I dunno which way to swing on these.
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They look pretty good to me. Its worth a shot. Here is a link to a picture of this bait.
:boing: :fishing02: :mix: GOTTA HAVE IT!!! But over 20 bucks? It really looks like the type of lure that you could really go wild coming up with new cool tricks it can do. But I've got to recover from christmas before I can order any. ::)
HMMMMMM! As soon as you buy, try it and post results! I do like the way it resembles a dying bait fish!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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