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Mega Strike Evolution jig Review"]
Evolution Lures presents the all new Evolution Jig.
The all new Evolution Jig was introduced to the industry at the 2006 I-Cast show. It was picked by the peers in the fishing industry as the Best of Show in the Hard Lure class.
Bobby Uhrig, founder and President of MegaStrike says “Anyone can copy a successful lure, but we would rather be the standard. This jig has many unique patent pending features and with the impending lead ban on lures, the tin head is just another of its great qualities. We are thrilled the industry has embraced our design by awarding us this great honor.”
The Most Innovative Jig Ever Built
The Evolution Jig is the first real innovative jig design to come along in over 40 years.
Our NEW, Advanced Skirt Forward Technology, along with our virtually invisible Fluorocarbon Weed guard, makes this the jig of choice.

Evolution is the only jig to also have our patent pending flaring disk and skid plate. These

qualities allow the Evolution jig to respond to every movement of the rod tip, continuing to keep

the Evolution Jig in an upright crawfish defense stature."]

Advanced Skirt Forward Design
Fluorocarbon Weedguard
Environmentally Friendly LEAD FREE (tin)
Recessed Molded Hook Eye
Ultra Bond Paint
Superior Multi-Ring Trailer Holder
Two Styles, Heavy Cover and Finesse.

11 Colors available are"]
The following sizes
3/16 oz. Evolution Finesse Jig
5/16 oz. Evolution Finesse Jig
7/16 oz. Evolution Finesse Jig
3/8 oz. Evolution Heavy Cover Jig
1/2 oz. Evolution Heavy Cover Jig
3/4 oz. Evolution Heavy Cover Jig

Our Evolution Jigs arrived for review
the first test was to see how well the flaring disk and skid plate
worked with a trailer in place"]
The skirt opened as claimed every time and the skid plate also worked like a charm holding even a big trailer up in the water.
you can see the counter ballance and the skirt forward technology at work here lifting the trailer.
** Update, there are a lot of posts on the web about the skirts being sideways out of the package.
This is for packaging purposes only the way the package is designed the skirt would get pinched in the packaging process.
you need to spin the skirt so it is on the top 180 deg of the jig head.
Any skirt material over the fulcrum is a waste as these skirts are made to flare out. as in the picture above"]

Here you can see the Recessed Molded Hook Eye which will keep garbage off your line as well as protect it."]
Here you can see the Fluorocarbon Weedguard and the Superior Multi-Ring Trailer Holder.
the Fluorocarbon weedguard is less visible in the water making for a more natural look.
TheSuperior Multi-Ring Trailer Holder held all our trailers on without issues.
Weather it was a finesse worm or a craw trailer they did not Slip out of place.
The Fluorocarbon Weedguard was not to soft or to hard for my tastes, it seemed just about right"]
The Gamakatsu hook is sharp and tough on the Evolution Jig.

The Evolution jig is lead free and sports Ultra Bond Paint
I dragged this jig in the river for 2 hours over rocks on purpose to see how this would hold up."]
needless to say it barely made a difference the Ultra Bond Paint held up great."]
Here is the Evolution Jig all rigged up and ready for bass
The Evolution Jig Is designed to fall horizontal in the water , and it does that well.

Overall Rating on these so far is a thumbs up

* this is an ongoing review and we will be adding to this in the next few weeks.

Some images property of and can not be used, reporduced, or modified without Written permission from

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OOooo I like that a lot!! Great review Dave! You sold me! :thumbup01:

Someone shoot this dang :baitmonkey: baitmonkey pleeeeeeeeeease LOL!
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