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Meadow Waters, Yorkshire, England

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Date 09-04-04
Weather=Hot, little breeze

Baits used, White maggot
Red maggot
Halibut pellet groundbait

Today saw Dazb and myself back down to Meadow Water, and what a great place it is.

We arrived at about 9.50am, i was hoping that the peg i fished the last time was free, arghhh its gone, not to worry the peg next to it was free,so i jumped in that peg, Daz chose the peg next to me

We decided to fish the feeder again today.
I used my Drennan 12'6" feeder rod with a 3/4oz tip
I think Daz fished with his 11'6" Drennan rod
Tackle set up and away we went

It was not long to wait for the first fish, i got a roach on the third cast, another three followed in quick succession.

I decided to have a cup of tea and a sandwich.
The angler on the next peg was after the carp, grass carp to be precise.
We got chatting, he told me he had been down for 2 days.

After about 20 minutes or so i was back on my peg, things had got slow by then, so i decided to spice up the maggots with a sprey of scopex.
The next 4 or 5 casts brought more roach, 6 in all.

After the last roach was landed, the rod was given a hefty tug, thats not a roaqch i thought, the skimmers had move in, great i thought.
Skimmer after skimmer came to my net, in all i had 11,
The skimmer size range was from this

To this


Meanwhile Daz had decided to fish the waggler float, he cast into the corner of the lake, the wind was blowing in that direction.

Daz was soon into the fish, roach after roach fell to his rod, Daz also landed some perch.

In all Daz had 36 roach and 6 perch.

Here's Daz on his peg putting a roach in his net


And this is the total catch by Daz, a decent net of roach and perch

We had a good chat with the carp angler during the day, he asked us if we had ever fished an overnighter, no we said, you will have to come down and have a couple of night,mmmm, the seeds were sewn.

I think Daz and myself are heading for an overnighter in the near future.

My thoughts of the day.
I had a very enjoyable day with Daz on a great venue.

Cracking day on a cracking venue.
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Another trip

Today saw Dazb and myself back down to Meadow Waters.

We arrived at about 9am, the weather was hot and humid.
Bernie and his wife had already arrived,
After a short chat we got to our pegs, Bernie chose the "point peg" Daz and myself went to the other side of the water.

I fished the feeder rod.
For bait i had red maggot,white maggot and bronze maggot, i used Sensas ground bait .

I was not long before i was into my first fish of the day, a small skimmer of about 8 ounces.
More was to follow.

There was a carp angler on the next peg to me, we got chatting and he told me he had been there since Friday evening, he had 7 carp out that night, the biggest being 12lbs or so.

I went back to my peg and about 20 minutes later i heard the carp anglers alarm sounding, he had hooked into a fish, i pulled my line in and went to investigate, the fish gave a nice fight, here's the fish almost ready to come top the net.

A grass carp of around 8lbs.
I did not get a picture of it when it was landed.

More skimmers came to my net the biggest being around 1.5lbs.
After the last skimmer i decided to have a hot drink.
Out of the corner of my eye i saw the rod tip go round, i struck into and got the fish, this is no skimmer i thought, after a fight lasting around 15 minutes or so i had him in the net.

My first TENCH of the year.

Safe in the net, then safe in my hands for a picture

I was very pleased to get the Tench :nice1:

More skimmers came to my net, in all i had

32 skimmers
2 roach, the biggest being around the half pound maek.
And one of my favourite species, a Tench.

During the day Dave,theowner of the fishery decided to seranade us with the bagpipes.he stood on top of the hill so all could see him.

Daz had faired well with his catch, i dont know how many fish he had, but what i saw he had skimmers and roach.

Bernie had a good day, he's a newcomer to our sport, Bernie landed a small grass carp, sorry no picture, but it is in this bag.


The weather got hotter during the day, that meant that the midges were in their thousands, very annoying.

In all another great day at a great fishery with great company, the day was capped with this fish for me :nice1:

I got 32 skimmer bream and two roach to go with the Tench, great days fishing
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Another day at Meadow waters

Yesterday saw Dazb and myself back to a great venue.
We met up with David Senior, Sue(his wife) and Daves dad, great fella.

The two waters had been invaded by the carp anglers for the easter week end, not many pegs left.

Dave, Sue, Daves dad and myself got on the first pond, Daz opted to fish the back pond, Daz used the pole.

We all got set up, Dave fished the feeder, and his float rod, as did Sue, Daves dad fished the float rod.

We finally started to fish after a good old chinwag.

What a day it turned out to be, the fishing was very poor on the first water, i had two roach in about 5 hours, two bites and two fish, Daves dad was happy, he was catching perch and roach, Dave and Sue both had nothing. !!!!!!

Come 4pm i had enough and packed up

As the day went on the carp anglers on the back water packed up and left, that was the sign for Dave and Sue to move, gear moved to the back water, Dave fished the pole, and he started to get Rudd, then the perch moved in, then he started to fish shorter, then he was into the Rudd again.

Daz was happy enough, he was getting roach on the pole.
Sue fished the other bank, at last Sue got a roach, much to her delight.

Sue had a carp swim past her swim in a very lazy fashion, looked a good sized one.
Not a very eventful day fishing wise but a good day with fellow fisherpersons.

I only got a few pictures.
Dave on his peg

Daves Rudd coming to the net

And last of all Daz's net of fish

And here's a view od Dave's pole

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And another trip

Today we ventured back to the Meadow Waters,
Daz, Bernie and myself went down to the waters

Arrived at 9.30am, tackled up and fishing for 10am

I fished the feeder did Daz and Bernie, although Daz set his pole up.

For baits i had white and red maggots
Groundbat for me was ground halibut pellets, flovoured with scopex

This is the peg i fished from

Daz was to my right and Bernie was to my left

First cast, kept it short, 30 yards or so, left the rig in for 15 or 20 minutes, reeled in, fresh double white maggot on the size 18 hook, cast to the same place, 10 minutes later my rod tip went, i was a happy fella, a skimmer of about 1/2 pound, next cast, yet another skimmer, onother 9 casts or so brought me another 3 skimmers, the swim went dead so i had a cup of tea and a sandwich.

By this time Daz had gotten a skimmer, Bernie was soldiering on also.
Tea and sandwich finished back in the water, 3 casts later another skimmer, then another, then another.

I heard Bernie shout, i've got a bite, sure enough he pulled his first Tench in, and its his personal best

And here he/she is, a fish of about 2lbs

I continued to land more skimmers, in total i have 14

Daz posed for his picture with 2 of the fish he got

Bernie got a skimmer to go with his tench.

We called it a day at 5pm, Rubbish cleaned away in our bags, van packed and headed home.
A great day at a great fishery.

Here's my fish i got today
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Very nice reports and pictures Andy :cheers:
Thank you kind Sir
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