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May 8th

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Kenny and I went to the ' Lucy ' Chain this morning at about 6:30 . It was foggy as heck until about 8:45 when it started to burn off .

I had learned my leason from the 2 previous trips on the Lucy Chain. I left the Devils Horse off and I used a ' SUGOI SPLASH ' in a bluegil color. Probably my 3rd cast and I land a 14 1/2 " bass. I believe my 3rd cast after that I land a gar. So we was thinking we was gonna slaughter them . But that wasnt gonna be the case in that area. Kenny ended up landing a mudfish about 40 minutes later and that would be all we would get in that area.

We leave Lucy and start heading towards Cherry Lake . We stop off in the same little lake out of the canal we been fishing everytime we go. ( I believe 2nd lake before you get to the lock ( dam ) .. )

Withen 8 minutes I had landed 3 bass on my Sugoi Splash . None where legal though. Two was between 12 - 13 " .. The 3rd was maybe 9 inches.
Kenny couldnt stand it any longer and dug a popper out. lol ...Kenny finaly landed one on his popper, but like mine, it wasnt legal either. I would land one more on my Sugoi Splash that was in the 13 " neighborhood .

We desided to do a little Flippen / Pitching which was doing pretty good till the battery went dead ,and we left early.
Before we lost the battery I was useing a Z-Nail in Junebug, weightless and Kenny was useing a Zoom Mag II weighted ( I dont know how much he was useing )
Kenny lands one in the 12 - 13 " range and discovered that was his last Mag II so he switched to a red shad. Meanwhile , I land 2 on the Z-nail and yup, you guessed it, They werent legal.
Kenny lands the last fish and the biggest before the battery dies completely. It was 16 1/2 " .. And that ended our day, I landed 7 bass and Kenny landed 3 bass.
( we had a tape measurer but no scales )
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