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Bass fishing is good this week. Use the flukes and trick worms are easily catching limits of Bass early. The ditches and grass mats are getting hammered with these baits. For the last of the spawners, check out the main lake flats on the south end of the lake. The slightly deeper structure like points, creek channels and ledges in 4 to 12 feet of water adjacent deep water are good areas for the numbers of shallow spawning bass. Green pumpkin Zoom trick worms and the top water bite will work on the secondary points. Chug Bugs and Zara Spooks around grass mats will lure the bass out. Make sure a buzz bait is in the list of tackle for any shallow wood or grass and the ¼ ounce bait with a small silver blade and a white skirt can salvage an area that other anglers will miss. Vary your presentations and some days they prefer a much slower and softer action that others. Follow up missed strikes with the trick worms and Shad Raps. The olive green is a hot color in the X-Rap series.
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