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The Alabigbee Bassmasters had their second tournament of the season Sat. March 31st on the Warrior River near Akron, Al. Club launched from the Lock 8 public access area.

Even with some strong rains early that morning it turned out to be a beautiful day, and everyone had a great time fishing an area we have never fished before. There were plenty of fish caught, just not any real big fish. Spots made up the majority of the fish, but there were some LM caught also.

Here are the results.

Jeff Newton 9.72 Big fish 2.96
Travis Hudson 8.44
Clay Jackson 7.90
Mitchel Snipes 7.90
Johnny Duncan 7.41
Harry Parten 6.68
Boyd Jackson 6.09
Ken Clayton 5.00
Ryan Langley 3.80
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